Political Stability:  President Evo Morales began his third term in office as Bolivia’s president on January 22nd last year.

Rising Economy: GDP grew at an annual average rate of 5% in 2006-13. Last year Bolivia was the fastest-growing economy in South America.

International Support:  World Bank is supporting 12 investment projects totalling US$ 495 million. Last fiscal year, two new operations for US$ 350 million were be approved. Since 2013, CAF has approved operations in Bolivia for US$ 684 million to develop infrastructure projects. IADB projected support for the period 2016-2020 is US$ 3167 million sovereign guaranteed approvals.

Strong investment in Infrastructures: Latin America is investing roughly 3% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) overall average, and last year Bolivia has invested as 4.5%

Location: Bolivia is located in the heart of South America. As a result, for most landlocked countries transportation infrastructure plays a crucial part in facilitating intraregional trade.

Infrastructure Opportunities: n
ext four years Bolivian government plans the following investments:
- Infrastructure: USD 9,472 million (roads, hospitals, airports,etc.)
- Railways : USD 7,000 million
- Energy: USD 4,000 million